Travel day: LAX->SYD->AKL — FUN FACTS!

Landing on the North Island

Is this place real?

FUN FACT: Turns out you need a VISA to visit Australia, and when I say ‘visit’ I mean ‘your scheduled flight has a layover there on the way home’. Lesson learned.

FUN FACT: It only takes two minutes to obtain a visa at the Virgin Australia Desk an hour before your flight, making this the most efficient place/time to get a visa, anyway. Score. Lesson learned.

FUN FACT: Airport bartenders are vulnerable to sentiment and will give you a refill on your glass of wine if you mention that it’s your honeymoon. Offering to ‘check out their band’s website’ may also be required.

FUN FACT: Swear words aren’t allowed on in-flight movies, but instead of recording alternate lines, someone just SHOUTS a less offensive word over the actual word. Shit is exchanged for… spit, whenever possible.

FUN FACT: Your small hair gel container that is approved for travel around the fear-mongering US is actually too big to get into Australia.

FUN FACT: The Sydney terminal sells FLIGHT ENERGY DRINK CONCENTRATES in 100ml bottles. If you chug the horrible stuff you can then replace it with hair gel.

FUN FACT: Standing at security for ten minutes pumping a hair gel into an energy drink bottle is embarrassing, but you will feel proud and resourceful when you triumph.

Three different depths of water, approaching Aotearoa

Three different depths of water, approaching Aotearoa

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