Day 5 – February 1st – Hollyford Track day 2 of 3 – Baby Seals, Jet Boats and Fungi by Anthropologie


Maori ship builders would turn their tree trunks in Lake Alabaster for two weeks to find the natural balancing point.

Day two of the Hollyford Track started out with the obligatory fantastic breakfast of eggs benedict and then we were off into nature.

We took a short walk to the edge of Lake Alabaster, where Maori boat makers used to turn tree trunks in the water for two weeks to find their natural balancing point before building their boats. We stepped onto the Devil’s Trail — the three day expert hike we would have had to travel if we hadn’t had a — JET BOAT to carry us up the river to the history laden wilderness of Martin’s Bay.

We visited the failed settlement of Jamestown, where pioneer women self-delivered their babies on the tops of their dining room tables during floods and where 2 out of 3 ships crashed in the harbor, making this the WORST place for a port city ever. Too bad the government and journalists lied to everyone about gold and arable land to get them out there…

After our colorful history lessons we hiked for several hours out to the ocean and on to a Seal Rookery. Adorable. Then we hopped on our trusty jet boat back to Martin’s Bay Lodge for a simple meal of smoked local salmon, veggies and chocolate cake. Of course the massive appetizer spread is captured below as well.

Late that night we took in incredible views of the stars and Milky Way — except for Chris who was so exhausted that I couldn’t get him out of bed to come look. Next time.


Mush and Kahu raced across this rickety swinging bridge — the longest in the fiordland — with a ‘no hands rule’


Helpful Kahu.


❤ our guides.


Lake Street, Jamestown. There are three apple trees left from the original settlement in the background.


Log by Anthropologie




Fungi. Also by Anthropologie


Interacting with nature


You can drink the water.


Mama and Baby at the seal rookery.

IMG_5035 IMG_5085 IMG_5101 IMG_5116 IMG_5123 IMG_5133 IMG_5136 IMG_5137 IMG_5141 IMG_5142 IMG_5145

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