Day 6 – Feb 2nd – Day 3 of 3 on Hollyford Track – Beaches, Snapper and a Helicopter ride into Milford’s Sound


Chris at Milford Sound – where we arrived by helicopter.

The last day on the Hollyford Track, they let us off easy. We jet boated out to the sand bar where many a ship had crashed trying to service the few settlements back in the day. I could try to retell the hilarious and harrowing stories of the hard-core settlers, and Maori legends that explained the biological idiosyncrasies of the indigenous plants, but there’s no way I could capture the magic of hearing it all from your guides when you’re standing on a at the edge of a tiny island in the middle of the pacific ocean.

So I’ll just tell you — it was real cool.

The last leg of our journey was a helicopter ride from Martin’s Bay, down the coast and into Milford Sound, one of the most beautiful places in New Zealand – and helicopter is the a great way to see it. We had sunny skies, but when it’s raining, I hear the walls of the sound are covered in cascading waterfalls.

We were serenaded by our new friends with songs from their homelands on the four hour bus ride back to Queenstown and ended our night with a way-nicer-than-we-could-afford dinner. Here’s to eating Ramen noodles for the rest of my life — but it was worth it.


Kahu is still asleep.


Sand art.


That grass is one of the only plants to grow towards salt water. The legend is that she was a sea princess, who disobeyed her father by going up onto land because she was in love with the handsome toi toi. He rejected her and her father refused to let her back in the ocean, so now she is the ruler of the beach – the in between land — stuck between her home and her unrequited love. AWW SUCKS FOR YOU GRASS!


This moss supposedly has six meter roots – or something crazy. I DON’T REMEMBER DETAILS!


This is an ancient Maori garbage dump.


This is the fireplace and all that is left of the McKenzie homestead at Martin’s Bay. See below for a picture of what the house looked like.



Kahu selfie.


Kahu and Chris


Books at Martin’s Bay Lodge


Pounamu at Martin’s Bay Lodge


McKenzie home way back when. They didn’t have many neighbors.

IMG_5203 IMG_5212 IMG_5214 IMG_5228 IMG_5239 IMG_5259 IMG_5260 IMG_5262

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