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One of my many jobs in the US is writing a column on web series for the LA Weekly. I often do additional articles for the blog extension of the column — The Tangled Web We Watch — including this one on web series in NZ. Figured it might be a nice addition to this guide if you are looking to learn more about the entertainment industry in NZ before your trip OR want to watch some local film makers’ work.

Web series are becoming  popular all over the world. From Marseilles to Vancouver to Hollywood, festivals are popping up to celebrate the genre and award exceptional shows.

I just got back from my honeymoon in New Zealand (I’m actually a Kiwi transplant from Christchurch myself), so of course I started asking myself — what’s it like to create web series in NZ?

Sure Aotearoa may have made a name for itself in the film industry as the location of Kiwi Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings series and the shooting location of the next three Avatar movies, but with limited local industry opportunities, few TV channels and film funding available only for approved subject matter, aspiring film makers on this island of 4.4 million are turning their creative energies to the web with increasing enthusiasm.

And the GOVERNMENT is helping fund them — up to NZ $100k per series! Holy cow.

Fiona Powell

Fiona Powell

But where can current and future eyeballs go to see all these series? Luckily, award-winning magazine editor and publisher, film maker and entrepreneur Fiona Powell has created a sleek platform for NZ to show off its best and its brightest:  Web Series Channel – NZ’s home of indie web TV.  CLICK HERE to read my interview with Fiona about everything going on in digital on the Land of the Long White Cloud.

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